Reflexive Therapy

In Reflexive Therapy, a guide for a centering self-knowledge, based on the findings of reflexive human science, is provided. See contact details (Contact page) to contact Chris concerning Reflexive Therapy. See Translations page for translations (Chinese).

Books by Chris Mortimer on Reflexive Therapy:

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.     A Guide to Reflexive Therapy

       2nd Edition e-book    Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.        2nd Edition e-book       

Reflexive therapy addresses reflexive need using reflexive narrative developed in reflexive human science. Reflexive need refers to the disposition in the being-processes of human beings to question about existence. And it refers to the need for effective self-relating in the self-regulation of being-processes, in one’s being a being-process. The two are interlinked. Reflexive human science generates reflexive narrative using knowledge of what we experience our being-process to be when we experience ourselves occurring. The guide to reflexive therapy guides the reader through reflexive human science and into its application in therapy.

For information on reflexive human science see the ‘Summaries of Books Available by Chris Mortimer’ page.


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