Chris is a philosopher interested in reflexive foundations for human science. Reflexive therapy is based on this science.

His books, available at Lulu.com. (and via links on pages above here: Publications, Summaries and Previews, ), include: A Reflexive Foundation for Human Science (2nd edition now available  at Lulu.com, available at Amazon.com soon, 4th edition e-book, with Introduction, now available); A Guide to Reflexive Therapy, 2nd edition e-book, with Introduction, including a Chinese translation; Seeing It.


Researcher, Author, Therapist

Research, Author, Therapy

1987 – Present: independent research in the United Kingdom, predominantly Oxford: the development of a reflexive human science, and of a reflexive therapy.

Part-time teaching

Dragon School, Oxford

1987 – 1988 Dragon School, Oxford

Taught mathematics part-time.

Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant

1982 – 1984  York University

Researched theories of rationality. Lectured undergraduates, gave tutorials in philosophy of science.


1985 – 1987:  The University of Hong Kong

Voluntary withdrawl from PhD in Political Science to continue independent academic research: Political Science, Philosophy of Social Science

1982 – 1984:  York University, Toronto

Master’s degree, Social and Political Thought

1982  and 1983: Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik

Philosophy of Social Science   The Inter-University Centre, Dubrovnik, offers intensive lecture courses: in this case in April of 1982 and 1983. There is no degree qualification.

1979 – 1982: Vassar College

Bachelor of Arts (BA),  Science, Technology, and Society; Philosophy Honours.



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